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Homes For Sale
  Bella Sera     13th Street SW

  Bella Sera
New Price: $675,000
      SW 13th Street
Price: $295,000
  Harbour Side     Harbour View
    Harbour Side
New Price: $545,000
  Sand in my Shoes
Price: $318,000
  Harbour View
Price: $1,157,000
Bahama Breeze   Tranquility   Seaside Villa   Blue Vue
Bahama Breeze
Price: $1,750,000
Price: $2,200,000
  Seaside Villa
Price: $1,735,000
  Blue Vue
Price: $4,950,000
Waters Edge      
Waters Edge
Price: $868,000
      Hilltop 21st St. Home
Price: $413,000
Boathouse   Blue Yonder   12th Street  
New Price: $385,000
  Blue Yonder
Price: $679,000
  12th Street
Price: $492,000
  Sea La Vie    

  Sea La Vie
New Price: $1,157,000
  17th St Home
Price: $380,000
Current Home   Russell Island Home   Russell Island Home  
Current Home
Price: $350,000
  Russell Island Home
Price: $376,000
  Russell Island Home
New Price: $347,000
Spanish Wells Waterfront     Place N The Sun  
SW Waterfront Home
Price: $345,000

      Place N The Sun
Price: $485,000
Homes For Sale
  House on 28th   Russell Island Dream   Hidden Escape

12 Street West
Price: $225,000

  House on 28th
Price: $585,000
  RI Dream
Price: $399,000
  Hidden Escape
Price: $290,000
Mermaid Cottage   Pink Hibiscus Cottage   Ship Wrecked   Russell Cottage
Mermaid Cottage
New Price: $349,000
  Pink Hibiscus
Price: $399,000
  Ship Wrecked
New Price: $636,000
  Russell Cottage
New Listing: $195,000
Blue Dolphin     Yellow House   19th Steet
Blue Dolphin
Price: $365,000
  Miss Emelie's
New Price: $245,000
  Yellow House
  Pink Dolphin Cottage
Price: $750,000
  Ma Titter's   Island Magic   Hilltop View
    Ma Titter's Cottage
Price: $995,000
  Island Magic
Price: $520,500
  Hilltop View
Price: $499,000
  22nd St Hilltop     Dock & Apartment
    22nd St Hilltop
Price: $573,000
      Dock Apartment
Price: $578,000
      Tucked Away
    View Point
Price: $500,000
  Tucked Away
Price: $155,000
  Samuel Guy & 22nd St    

  Samuel Guy & 22nd St
Price: $585,000

  Waterfront & 28th
Price: $1,900,000
RI Cottage   Shell Shocked   Russell Island Home  
R I Cottage
Price: $185,000
  Shell Shocked
Price: $351,000
  Russell Island Home
Price: $300,000